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I am Joshua. I am a person.


Some of the things that roll around the recesses of my mind are theories of consciousness, physics of the universe, and philosophies of everything. I can usually be found in the abstract.

Some of the things that I am passionate about are protecting our planet, volunteering to good causes, supporting the freedom and equality of us all, and standing up for principle.

Less sanctimoniously, I enjoy traveling the globe, returning to nature, tinkering with cameras, reading and writing words, jamming to funky music, learning about people, and pushing bits around digital landscapes. I also play a mean kalimba.

My time is spent trying new things and rediscovering that which I have forgotten. I'm trying to learn both Portuguese and French. I'm rediscovering my Spanish. I'm trying to learn how to surf. I'm rediscovering my skateboard, my basketball, and my Super Nintendo.

The relentless itch to help people is being scratched at Opower, where my cohorts and I are saving the planet by reducing energy consumption, one household at a time, all around the world, with amazing software. I am but a humble member of our team of brilliant, crazy engineers.


I open source all of my personal projects on Github.

I muse on anything and everything on this very site.

I organize my photographic adventures on Flickr.

I host awesome dance parties on Rdio.

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I like dinosaurs.