The first mid-century Mediterranean desert circus wedding of its kind, but maybe not the last. It was a full DIY affair, where yourself means an entire community of friends, family, neighbors, and strangers motivated toward a common goal. We had major contributions in every single aspect of the wedding, for which we are grateful. It is not possible to mention them all here. Watch the highlights.

Renovation // Landscaping

We renovated the new Jacoby Family home over the course of the year leading up to the wedding. Contributions from many, but all glory to Beppe and Kindra and Wade Jacoby for their vision and energy.

Beppe led us in an ambitious new landscape design for yards back, front, and side, lower and upper. A xeriscaped yard, a rock garden, hundreds of new flowers and trees, a succulent nursery, and even a retaining wall.


A magical original poem by The Vanessa Moody.

A gorgeous cover of "Rivers and Roads" by Nick Biddle and Hye Jeong Yoon.

Wise words and tender officiation from Tim Slover.

Touching accordion accompaniment from Darel Conrad.

Custom string arrangements for the processional and recessional, composed and performed by three virtuosos: Annie Osborn, Lara Asplund, and Kurt Hepler. New Slang, Blackbird, and Peace Train. We somehow didn't get photos of the trio in action, and I regret that. Here they are practicing.

Master of Ceremonies excellence by Nick Biddle, who was also our chief deputy throughout the planning process and the person who just kept everything together.


Sardonic, honest observation from Ben Packer.

Gentle, fatherly reflection from Glenn Essex.

Magnificent wit and analysis from Kendall Jacoby.

Sharp, joyful insight from Wade Jacoby.

Pure wisdom and love from Grandpa Zane.


A soulful, heart-tugging, moving performance by Graham Roth.

A tremendous, brilliant aerial display by Erica Lieberman.

A somewhat comedic performance from yours truly.

A statement of love, and the best aerial hoop performance I have been privileged to witness, by Clementine Jacoby.


A remarkable Mediterranean feast conceived of and led by Taylor Jacoby. A billion contributions from a million friends. Shouts out to Emily Reynolds, Jen Neilson, Katie Neilson, Mary Slover, Laura Hunter, Ryan Gomba, and Graham Roth.

An immaculate lavender cake with lemon curd between layers by Lyndi Spencer. Desaturated green marble, gold foil, uneven tiers.

Custom ice cream sandwiches by the famed Essex Family. Several kinds of cookies freshly baked, three kinds of ice cream freshly churned.

Design // Art

Surreal, whimsical engagement announcements by Ri Anderson.

An intricate, flowing banner, designed and hand-drawn by Beppe, printed onto canvas by Ri Anderson.

Wonderful, geometric, desaturated invitations by Garrett Miller.

Prestine, people-centric programs by Clementine.

Beautiful oil paintings graciously donated for the cause by Brian Kershisnik.

A series of vignettes profiling the stages in our lives together, by Clementine and I.


All photography by Casey McFarland.

All videography by Forest Edge.

A dramatic desert engagement shoot by Kendall Jacoby and Finn Christensen.

A DIY photo booth for the people, built by Ben Packer, Jordan Bramble, and myself.