Night Lights 24-09-2013

There is something profoundly soothing in the nighttime skyline of the city. There is some ethereal beauty that resides within that glittering sea of gold and silver, comforting you in its bright caress. Gazing out upon the sleepy urban landscape, counting the specks of light that flicker to give identity to otherwise anonymous architecture, tracking the slow and steady progress of twin headlights as they carve a luminescent path through the concrete maze. Knowing that hidden in the void between the little man-made stars reside countless other souls looking back toward you, taking solace in the same sights and sounds, enjoying the shared solitude. In the darkness of the midnight sky, illuminated only by the distant lights of our respective homes and the streetlamps lining the paths that draw us near, we participate in a wondrous, collective rest. We slow down the relentlessly grinding march of urban life and we take stock of our joint creation. For a fleeting moment, we reflect. For a brief instant, there is peace.